THE £30-£40m Middlehaven snow centre development has now been abandoned (Echo, Feb 16). This over ambitious ski and leisure facility, seven years in the making was backed by both main political parties. Each failed. And each should take their share of the blame for the huge amounts of cash wasted.

Moneybags Ben Houchen’s Tees Valley Combined Authority even gifted the developers behind the scheme £250,000.

And I quote Mr Houchen in 2018 saying: ‘’Cool Runnings came to us for extra financial support to get the project over the line, so I am pleased to sign off this funding today.”

£250,000 isn’t small change, it’s a grotesque amount of money to gamble in such a deprived area as ours.

So where did all this cash go? Architect designs, corporate wining and dining and endless spin.

Plus a little bit left over to polish Mayor Houchen’s halo.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.