REMEMBER back in 2016 when our current Prime Minister swore to the electorate that Brexit would free Britain to strike trade deals with “major economies like China and India”?

Well, politically any trade deal with China is impossible what with the new cold war, Hong Kong and Uighur persecution.

But what about India?

The International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has just announced the creation of a post-Brexit “Enhanced Trade Partnership” and also the creation of over 1,500 Tata jobs in the UK. Sounds fantastic. But what is it exactly that Ms Truss has negotiated?

When the relevant Whitehall department was asked how might exporters read the terms, it turns out they can’t. There’s nothing there. No agreement has been signed. There’s just the usual bull about “commitments” and “road maps”.

As to the “creation” of jobs, well Tata Consultancy Services already operates in the UK and is a top employer. The department accepts the jobs are not linked at all to the alleged partnership.

So, a complete and utter government fantasy to maintain the pretence that false pledges have been kept. And this is just the start!

D Duell, Durham.