DOES anyone know what has happened to the Middlesbrough snow centre?

It’s either disappeared from the face of the earth, or slipped right off it.

This idea was first born in 2014. It experienced a few stops and starts in the years that followed and was briefly rebooted only last year.

The £30m project promised to regenerate the Middlehaven area, seven-acres of prime brownfield site with a state of the art ski centre and other extras.

The tourism boost, we were told would see 2.5m visitors a year descend on Middlesbrough.

The Tees Valley combined authority even pumped £4m into it, plus a recent £250,000 booster. Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen promised 350 high quality jobs – that’s 150,000 jobs he has pledged since he was elected!

Mr Houchen is becoming more and more like the Milk Tray Man – an action figure who makes his mark, leaves his card, then legs it until the next big adventure comes along.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.