HAVING had my jab over three weeks ago I feel extremely lucky. I am 81. Why do I feel this way?

Well, I spoke via Facetime, a great new invention, to an acquaintance of mine from many years ago who lives in Colorado in the US.

She is now 78, a retired bridal shop owner. Not rich, not by any means, but not poor.

She tells me how it is where she lives in a medium-sized city. Crime is rife, the supermarkets are full one day and empty the next due to panic buying.

I told her I had had my jab. She was amazed.

She asked which one she should get when they become available. I told her get any.

She expressed amazement when I told her it was a freebie here.

She tells me, if offered she would expect to pay $100 which would be taken automatically out of her account.

Now I don’t know if she has been misinformed but this is what she thinks and she is not a stupid woman by any means.

So count your blessings as I am. Thank you NHS.

H Rippon, Durham.