CLAPPING on one’s doorstep is one thing, but giving a decent living wage and working conditions to those who are putting their own health and lives at risk would, I am sure, be appreciated far more.

When the gesture was first implemented I felt, as I’m sure everyone did, it was a great and genuine gesture to show our appreciation, but that was then and this is now.

I’m sure the preference of our health and associated workers would be for everyone to keep safe, take precautions so their workload is lighter so we can hopefully see the last of this pandemic.

Also, let’s not forget police, shop workers and others who aren’t clapped for but who are also putting their lives on the line.

What I cannot and never will understand is why our Government doesn’t take care of those that matter the most: the NHS staff, police, teachers, care workers etc, but the Government will blow billions on fake PPE and not bat an eyelid, which I find criminal and disgusting.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.