BECAUSE of the current pandemic, the coming of Brexit has been overshadowed, but there will be (to quote a Biblical expression) a gnashing and grinding of teeth in some quarters.

I refer to the “liberal elite” who cannot accept the referendum result, which they blame on the thick majority who voted leave (incidentally 37 per cent voting leave had a university education), and who they believe to be racist.

How do they know this? Who is going to admit they are racist (and this can be applied to remainers as well)?

The remainers also argue that the majority of leavers were elderly, who would die soon leaving the young with a result they didn’t want. What about the young who did vote leave?

The young can be malleable and their views can be formed by teachers and lecturers at university who by a large percentage were remainers.

The young when reaching maturity will reach a realistic view of life rather than being indoctrinated.

The liberal elite live in their own bubble and their views by and large are formed by this bubble.

The BBC was an influencing factor. No one from the BBC would publicly admit they voted leave. As one employee admitted, they would have been demoted or sacked if they had. Apparently, social media (I don’t do social media as I believe it is used as a tool by some for evil) was also a factor.

The bile thrown at some people who admitted they were leavers was unbelievable. The percentage being ‘unfriended’ as a result was quite high.

Finally, we have a Brexit. It is not everything we wanted, but we have thrown off the shackles of Europe, so let us all, remainers and leavers, accept it, settle our differences and get on with our lives.

Thomas Ball, Barnard Castle.