I ALWAYS feel quite sad when these fabulous iconic Camera Club photographs of the River Wear around the Old Mill near Prebends Bridge show the massive build-ups of driftwood opposite our wonderful cathedral. The debris must weaken the weirs, I am sure.

Last year, we sadly said farewell to the brilliant Fergus King MBE who was a tireless worker for the Environment Agency. Fergus and his gang would set to in their blow up rubber boat with chainsaws to demolish these build-ups of timber and floating tree branches.

It was not easy work and it was quite dangerous but they did a great job. No one seems to do it now!

In my youth, our Durham Canoe Club used to have major fun going down the sluice next to the Old Mill in our canvas boats (fibreglass canoes had not been invented then!). I have been down the sluice forwards and backwards.

I am not sure whose job it is to clear these weirs, either Durham County Council or the Environment Agency, but they need clearing.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville, Durham.