THE proposed Teesside super incinerator, funded and owned by various north east authorities, raises interesting questions.

When the Stockton Portrack incinerator was demolished and replaced with the present Haverton Hill plant, local councils were contracted to supply “X” tons per month/year, with a “fine” in default.

Given the large scale increase in recycling since opening, then the amount for burning must have reduced. What is the spare capacity being used for?

If what now goes to the Haverton Hill plant is diverted to the new super plant where does that leave the Haverton Hill plant?

We already have a Wilton plant burning containers of compressed Merseyside rubbish, brought my rail; also a woodburning recycle plant – how many more do we need?

It is a government function to build strategically placed incinerator to electric power plants, via a public works programme – probably regarded as “communist planning” by today’s folks, who’s minds have been brain-washed through decades of uncontrolled capitalism.

G B Butler, Stockton.