IN answer to Alan Jordan who suggested that people who don’t have the Covid vaccine and go onto infect, and even kill, other people would be guilty of a form of manslaughter (HAS, Dec 14), how would he deal with the irresponsibility of inconsiderate or stupid people? I am talking about parents who knowingly letting their children with contagious illnesses play with other children, or adults with the same illnesses knowingly associating with other people?

I am very wary of medications because drug companies are amongst the biggest companies and they give doctors incentives to push their products. For example, I suffer from high cholesterol and a number of years ago, I was prescribed that supposedly wonder remedy, statins. Shortly after, I started coughing up blood and having nose bleeds so I stopped taking statins. The bleeding stopped.

A long time after, I was at the doctors and he asked why I had stopped. When I told him, he was annoyed, he didn’t believe me because those side effects were not side effects associated with statins. I went back on statins and the bleeding started again, so I stopped again, and have not taken them since.

I have known elderly people who have never had flu, had the flu vaccine and have never been well again. Coincidence? Possibly.

For me, I am going to see how this vaccine pans out before I even consider it.

Thomas Ball, Barnard Castle.