FRIDAY’S paper led with the news that our amazing, fantastic, trustworthy council in Darlington was hitting the public with yet another hike in council tax (Echo, Dec 11). It is not much of a shock, really, as it’s always us that have to dig deep into our pockets to balance the books and get nothing back in return.

However, if the council hadn’t given away the extra millions to the refurbishing of the indoor market, we’d be in a better state than we are.

We’re given the excuse of the virus being the reason for the increase in next year’s council tax rise, but it is more like bad management.

It wasn’t the general public that caused the virus, it was China. It wasn’t our idea to go into a lockdown, it was the Government’s. So why should we get hit with the bill?

The council seems to think that the general public has endless amounts of money to just give away, no questions asked. Even those of us who are employed could find the next bill hard to pay.

No doubt the police will want a higher share as well, despite the Government already handing over extra money for recruitment.

Here’s an idea: how about the council actually earning its money and showing us some results for a change for the increase council tax.

We’re always told how hard things are for them, but try working in the healthcare sector - we’re overworked, underpaid, understaffed.

The council must be the easiest place to work. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Just demand extra money every year from the public, and you get it.

2. Complain about being understaffed, overworked and underpaid, and you’ll get the extra money.

3. You don’t have to show results for funding you get, just make up more excuses.

Its unlikely either the council, or the police, will respond to this letter to give any real justification to any increase in council tax, but it is time we started getting value for money from both the council and the police.

D Harris, Darlington.