HERE we go again, I thought as I read Vince Crosby’s letter (HAS, Dec 12).

He suggests that leave voters have now decided they got it wrong in the 2016 referendum and there should be a second one.

I haven’t heard that since the 2019 General Election in which the Labour Party lost seats due to its sitting-on-the-fence policy over Brexit. Phil Wilson, the Sedgefield MP whom Mr Crosby campaigned for, was one of many Labour MPs in the North-East who lost their seats having called for a second referendum.

The Brexit democratic vote has now been running for four-and-a-half years and the stance of the EU has in the eyes of leave voters been strengthened by the loud voices in the UK who think it would have been better if the vote had gone the other way.

As one correspondent to HAS recently stated to those of this opinion: “Get over it.”

The EU is not happy with the democratic vote of the UK and obviously does not want to make it easy for the country to leave.

The EU is, of course, looking after its own interests, especially worried by the weekly contribution made by the UK government.

The UK government is doing likewise, and looking after the interests of the UK.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.