BRIGHTON’S Winston Churchill wall art has just brightened up my week following your story, “Mural of Churchill in stockings allowed to stay in place” (Echo, Nov 23). The art’s great.

I’m an admirer of Churchill’s achievements during the Second World War, and also of him as an individual – he was a wonderful artist in his own right and his one liners, like his actions, are historic.

In 1941, he said: “If we win, nobody will care; if we lose there will be nobody to care.” It was tongue in cheek, so you can take it however you want.

The mural brings Winston into this century. Love him or hate him, he was who he was and he did what he did – he saved this country from total annihilation.

I am disappointed, though not surprised, that some councillors wanted to paint out his famous V for Victory hand sign. The V sign has two meanings: one which belongs in the gutter, the other which is part of our history books and is now pride of place in Brighton.

Brighton is known for being multicultural and multiracial, a usually happy party town where I’m sure the vast majority of residents and visitors will love the mural with its rainbow of colour brightening up these dismal depressing times. I’m sure the great man himself will be looking down with that wry grin and a big cigar and have his much loved poodle, Rufus, by his side.

And he may well utter the words: “It’s time to dare and endure” (1940).

John Cumberland, Rushyford.