IT’S not surprising that passengers are facing delays in getting payments from easyJet as it appears to be company policy to reject claims (Echo, Nov 20).

My wife and her friend were delayed for 18+ hours returning from Bodrum to Edinburgh in September 2019 due to the crew being over their flying hours.

They had booked a hotel due to the planned 1am arrival of the flight and then onward train travel. Both the hotel and train bookings were lost due to the plane’s late arrival and had to be rebooked at additional cost the next day.

The statutory flight delay payment of £700+ (over 1,500km) plus lost hotel and rail rebooking came to around £1,000. However, on submitting her claim, within minutes a rejection email came back, too soon for anyone to have read it.

One year later and with repeated attempts to claim there is still no payment despite being advised by independent legal sources that a refund is due.

It seems to be company policy to keep rejecting payment until claimants lose heart.

David Race, Darlington.