WE have been following with sadness the trial of the ex-partner of Natalie Harker in Colburn, North Yorkshire (Echo, Nov 21) who was found guilty of her murder.

Unfortunately, we know that two women a week are killed by a former partner in England and Wales, according to the Office of National Statistics in 2018, that pre-Covid 33 per cent women experience domestic violence (ONS, 2019) and that during the Covid crisis, domestic violence has increased 20 per cent (UN, June 2020)

This trend of violence against women is enabled by misogynistic attitudes among society. Violence may be the end but it begins with being treated as an object, being treated as a possession, being disrespected and thought of as ‘less’ because of your gender.

It may surprise readers to hear that misogyny is not currently ‘hate crime’.

The women’s banner group is supporting Citizens UK’s campaign to make misogyny a hate crime and invite any readers who agree to join us for a zoom meeting on December 10 at 6:30pm – email womensbannergroup@gmail.com for information.

Samantha Townsend,

Women’s Banner Group, Shildon.