I WOULD like to take issue with JL Moore’s letter “Mask avoiders” (HAS, Nov 5) about people who do not wear masks.

It must be so wonderful to be perfect.

I don’t wear a mask. I have hidden difficulties.

Has JL Moore ever had the courage to ask all these people who are not wearing masks? Perhaps he or she should not jump to conclusions.

I have shopped in Morrisons and Asda and I have not seen all these people he/she talks about without masks.

I think the supermarkets are doing their best in the situation we have. Yes, they are making a lot of money but why don’t you look at the people who are panic buying and giving the supermarkets their profit?

You have to be kind to people. We have never known times like these and to say that people who are unemployed should stand there telling people to put a mask on would create a world that I would not like.

Joyce Brooks, Darlington.