SO the era of Dominic Cummings has come to an end and it is clear that very few people will mourn its passing.

This is the man who, along with Michael Gove, deliberately caused so much damage in the education system in the early 2010s that now it is in a state of absolute chaos.

Cummings is also running away from the consequences of Brexit, like a naughty boy who has smashed a window with a stone.

It is surely notable that even the most fanatical Brexiters, neither Johsnon or Gove, Farage or Rees-Mogg, have anything positive to say about Brexit these days. The best that can be summoned up is that it won’t be too bad. Those broad sunlit uplands are now covered in mist and dark clouds.

Cummings, of course, knows better than anybody just what damage Brexit will cause to this country and like a coward is getting out of the line of fire, before January 1 and the hardship and suffering caused by Brexit become clear to all.

Plus there were his trips to Durham and Barnard Castle. Millions of people were, and are still, doing right by following the rules and acting in a responsible manner regarding Covid-19 as we all must do. By way of comparison, Cummings is probably the person most to blame for this country having the highest death total in Europe.

He should have gone in May and we all know it.

Still it is good that his destructive and damaging era is finally over.

Peter Sagar, Heaton, Newcastle.