I’M rather amused at all of the commotion caused by Locomotion (oh, I’m a Poet and didn’t know it, lol).

You would think Shildon was a million miles away from its close neighbour Darlington, yet all we seem to read is how important Darlington was to the railway, I suppose it was and still is although many prefer to stay on the train passing it by than alighting to witness its many delights?

As anyone who visits the Shildon Railway Museum will vouch for, its a wonderful venue and perfect to present and preserve Locomotion No. 1.

I for one am proud to say it’s in the North East, no matter where in the North East, and, let’s face it, the money needed to improve facilities in Darlington to show off this historic old kettle could be far better spent on improving the town especially when it has a ready-made home.

It seems to me that this so-called fight to keep Locomotion No. 1 in Darlington is a rather childish, tit for tat “I’m more important than you” situation.

Well, let’s not forget the importance of Shildon, Shildon was the first railway town in the world and the first to bear witness to a steam locomotive hauling a train of passengers in 1825 and, yes it was Locomotion No. 1.

Shildon was also manufactured some of the earliest and most reliable steam trains under the helm of Timothy Hackworth, shipping them across the globe. It was also home to the Stockton and Darlington rail company for most of its existence but if you really want to split hairs to where Locomotion No. 1 should reside it’s probably Newcastle where it was built.

So I would say keep quiet before everyone wants a bit of the old girl, let’s face it as the old saying goes half a loaf is better than none.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.