ALTHOUGH study after study has ably demonstrated against all reasonable contradiction that the transmission of Covid-19 from pupil to teacher in schools is “exceptionally rare”, the National Education Union is grimly determined that all schools should be closed, so why therefore does this union propagate such a policy?

It is completely reasonable to suppose that as closure is totally unnecessary, the true purpose of the NEU is covertly political, not concern for teacher or student, facts to which it is understandably unwilling to confess.

School closures cause untold damage to the education, prospects and mental health of pupils, and have a negative effect on conscientious teachers too. None of this bothers the union, for it appears to have adopted the absolutely unforgivable stance that should it achieve its objective, then the means of gaining success are fully justified, and associated damage to pupils and teachers is unfortunate, but unavoidable.

The NEU must never be allowed to achieve its irresponsible intent, the consequences are simply horrendous.

Bobby Meynell, Stockton-on-Tees