AT the latest derby match Bishop Auckland versus West Auckland only 150 supporters were allowed in.

Because of this only 15 tickets were available for West Auckland supporters and they were on sale from 10am on the day of the game from the club shop only – one ticket per person.

My grandson, who is West Auckland daft, plays football on a Saturday morning so was unable to get a ticket so watched the game online, which was brilliant and well done to Bishop Auckland FC for screening the game.

I also watched the game and there was three quarters of the ground empty – more than enough room to safely accommodate another 150 supporters including my grandson and his mates.

I wonder if the people making these decisions have ever been to a Northern League game or to a Northern League ground because all the ones I have been to can safely accommodate 300 fans.

Not only has it cost Bishop FC money it may have cost them future supporters.

Dave Bowes, West Auckland.