ONE drawback to self-isolation during the current pandemic is the endless stream of adverts on day-time TV imploring us to adopt a polar bear, a snow leopard, a tiger, a dolphin, a rhino, a jaguar, or an elephant, as well as a donkey, protect a cat, or sponsor a guide dog. Not forgetting, providing clean water, prevent glaucoma, repair cleft palates, and sponsor a girl and abolish forced marriages and FGM.

When most of the world’s problems are caused by ignorance, greed, corruption, inept governments, and civil war why should we be expected to pay over and above our current overseas aid? Then, of course, there are the medical ones, for vaginal dryness, feminine incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and constipation, with over 50s life insurance, natural cremations, and free will advice included as light relief.

Even the BBC is not exempt with their trailers for forthcoming shows and the 24-hour news.

Gone are the days of adverts and jingles for everyday products like “One Thousand and One” carpet cleaner, “Pepsident” toothpaste, and “Murraymints” – the too good to hurry mints.

So now we can each save the planet and cure all the world’s ills by simply donating £3 per month – though terms and conditions apply!

P Holmes, Barnard Castle.