I RESEARCH both military and civil aircraft crashes in County Durham and am in the process of writing a book. I would like to ask readers if they remember an aircraft crash on Pikeston Fell or near to White Kirkley, which is south of Frosterley.

In 1975/76, aircraft wreckage was found there and mentioned in a local newspaper? This could be a wrecked glider that was not recovered as in the 1930s gliders were launched from or near White Kirkley.

Also does anyone remember the mid-air collision of two RAF Meteor jet fighters in 1952 north of Stanhope? Did anyone visit the crash site and take photographs of the wreckage, and was a Meteor tail section left in Stanhope Burn for some years after the crash?

Any information would be appreciated. Any photographs or newspaper cuttings would be copied and returned. Please contact:

Philip Smith (0191-488-3654 after 6pm), 13 Sunnidale, Fellside Park, Whickham, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE16 5TT, e-mail: philip.smith322@btinternet.com