UNFORTUNATELY at present Boris Johnson seems to be concentrated on a somewhat nebulous vision of the future after the coronavirus, while his Government’s knee-jerk reactions mean that we are never going to reach such a state.

It is about time he realised that the coronavirus can’t be wished away, and, like it or not, his Government’s performance is going to be judged on how it handles this crisis.

What we desperately need now is a coherent plan to deal with this menace, with a consistent response to changes in the situation, and with clear explanations as to why these are necessary.

Testing must be focussed where it is required, and we need a track and trace system that works (not the current monument to the weaknesses of free enterprise).

If Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings don’t stop living in a right-wing fantasy world, and get on with their real job soon, the quicker we are rid of them the better!

Alan Jordan, Middridge.