FURTHER to my letter “Flu jab farce” (HAS, Sept 29), after six days I received an e-mail message to say that I now had full access to the NHS app.

I logged in and looked in vain for a link to a dedicated flu vaccine appointment page. The only apparent likely option was to click on the link to book a GP appointment which failed to respond.

In desperation, I repeatedly dialled my GP surgery number and eventually succeeded.

After listening patiently to the usual messages on what to do in the case of suspected heart attacks or strokes and Covid-19 symptoms, I was instructed to “press six” for flu jab appointments, only to be told by the phone system that it was an invalid number.

Then followed a recorded message to tell me that, when the flu vaccine was available, I would be contacted.

Today, I received a text message. The vaccine is now available and I can book an appointment – via the NHS App or by phoning my GP’s surgery. You really couldn’t make it up!

Brenda Flynn, Darlington.