WE should be taking the “furore” at Darlington Borough Council over alleged bullying by some councillors very seriously.

It seems our town is about to experience Trump-style “cancel culture” tactics, and it won’t be pretty.

Nothing I have read confirms that Independent Cllr Kevin Nicholson or Tory Cllr Jonathan Dulston were bullied or harassed.

The allegation that the opposition asking pertinent questions is somehow “bullying” was obviously a crude and naked attempt to shut debate down.

It’s depressing to see our local Conservatives sign up to this negative agenda.

For the good of politics in the town, they need to step back.

We don’t need denial, deflection and distraction, conspiracy theories and “fake news” at the Town Hall.

Just do your job, Cllr Heather Scott et al, and don’t cry foul when someone asks you hard questions. It’s what we elected you to do.

Derek Frazer, Darlington.