WATCHING a re-run of Tuesday’s Newsnight I noticed it hadn’t taken long for Emily Maitlis to suggest there might have been interference in the 2016 Brexit election as a result of the publication of the Russian report. Suggesting another referendum perhaps? The programme’s theme took me back to the 20th Century when “reds under the bed” was a popular phrase.

If that happens I might have to give back the £20 I received on my way to vote by a gentleman speaking broken English, Russian I think he was. He was encouraging me to vote leave so as that was my intention it was easy money. Just so I do not waste the time of the Darlington police the above story is fiction.

Having read the Echo’s report of the document (Echo, July 22) I was interested in the statement: “A number of members of the House of Lords have business interests in Russia.” I would like to see that investigated and have to agree with Michael Strong (HAS, July 22) that it is time for the present establishment to be disbanded and replaced with a chamber more represented of the population but with far fewer members.

Back to Newnight – I dislike saying this but I trust President Putin more than I do Emily Maitlis and her BBC team. I assure everyone I am British through and through.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.