ONCE again we see the vindictive nature of the Conservative Party – triumphantly announcing a substantial pay rise to only certain public sector workers, including teachers.

It appears that us caretakers, the canteen workers and cleaners, are all missing form the pay rise. This is even though we have been in to school to open up and feed the key worker students every day since the school mainly closed due to Covid 19. In the school that I work at only the head of school has been in more than me.

It appears that support workers have been abandoned by the nasty Tory Party who also treated self employed workers with no 2019 tax return with such disdain.

This may well not be forgotten. Should the second wave come, as expected by health authorities, this late Autumn, then will these ignored support staff be prepared to do that little bit extra and over and above when there is no reward or recognition for them putting their life on the line?

The Government should now work on a back up plan because if I, amongst others, do not get a 3.1 per cent pay reward in recognition of our Covid emergency measures role then there will be many reluctant and dejected members within the educational sector who will almost certainly not go the extra mile this time.

Mark Anderson, Middleton St George.