IT’S all very well, the Tories, now criticising the building of the new County Hall in Durham (Echo, July 17).

When the Labour controlled council’s cabinet made the decision to do this in February 2018, they were not present to make any representations.

The Liberal Democrats were present and made no comment, and it was left to me to criticise and try and stop the waste of £58m of council taxpayers’ money, together with the £6m car park.

As the structure of the building is already up, the only way to stop anything now, is for a change of political administration.

Perhaps when we have the next election, if this happened, the building could be rented out to the private sector?

I sincerely hope good old Joe Public remembers all the follies of the political parties, and their waste of the public purse when they come round knocking on your door?

County Councillor John Shuttleworth, Durham County Council.