IT would appear that, if you are a member of Darlington Borough Council Cabinet you can do things that us mere mortals cannot.

Firstly we have Cllr Kevin Nicholson putting a stop to council houses being built in his ward because his ward has had its fair share of housing, in your story headlined “Council abandons housing proposals” (Echo, May 4).

Funny how he is Cabinet member for Health and Housing, a position he was given the day after he voted with the Conservatives to approve up to 10,500 new homes in the borough. Not, though, in his ward while he is a Cabinet member.

Next we have Cllr Jon Clarke, yet another Cabinet member, who, despite knowing that a Tree Preservation Order was about to be issued on a tree that was causing him some minor issues, went ahead and had it lopped: “Row as councillor lops mature tree” (Echo, July 7).

Interestingly enough Cllr Clarke was able to find out exactly when the TPO would come into effect and arrange to have the work done before that!

How fortunate for Cllr Clarke he got a response from the head of planning and neighbourhood services directly.

Most of us have to go through the normal officer channels first and even then with not much response.

So, to the people of Darlington, it seems to me that, if you want something doing, or something stopped, get yourself on the council’s Cabinet and you can enjoy the privileges us mere mortals only dream of!

R Fitzpatrick, Darlington