THE Black Lives Matter movement was very quick in organising protests in a number of UK cities in response to the death of George Floyd in custody which suggests a degree of sophistication in pre-planning and logistics where people brought ropes, paint, brushes and spraycans and it is obvious there is a far broader agenda than just racial equality or racial justice, but one which might encompass global black empowerment and black supremacy.

Personally, I wouldn’t touch this movement with a barge-pole and would question the millions of dollars it receives from wealthy individuals and financial foundations and how it can attract so many gullible people at short notice to protest and take part in civil unrest, criminal damage and violence against the police.

I predict that this will, in time, become a proscribed organisation charged with orchestrating and inciting such crimes in the name of racial harmony and that it will only ever achieve the exact opposite.

The rule of law applies to everyone, and the rule of law matters.

P Holmes, Barnard Castle