BORIS JOHNSON has announced a spending spree by the Tory government as part of the economic recovery for the country from Covid-19.

I think we should view this prospect with a lot of caution.

Firstly there is Johnson’s record on spending when he was Mayor of London.

There was the £53m utterly wasted on the garden bridge that never was. There were the bendy “Boris buses” that didn’t work. Both of these were little more than vanity projects for the narcissistic Johnson. And then there were the water cannons that were never used once.

Secondly we have to ask, where are the contracts going?

How many will be going to Tory donors?

The Jenrick scandal has shown us just what the Tories can be like in terms of awarding contracts with public money to their donors so that our tax money ends up back in Tory coffers.

Thirdly, how many of these projects will actually benefit people, as opposed to being vanity projects? Johnson’s record on this is not good.

Peter Sagar, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.