ONCE again on Friday, when my wife had left the room, I had to switch the Zoe Ball breakfast show on Radio 2 immediately over to another station.

The reason this time was the interviewing of the father of a drummer who had been scheduled to appear at Glastonbury.

I tuned into Radio Tees where the business news was on – a far more useful conversation. On returning to Radio 2 the same presenter was interviewing an individual who was advising it was at a previous Glastonbury her boyfriend had proposed to her. What is interesting about that on national radio when I am doing the washing up?

Your readers, no doubt, will be interested to know on October 27 1969 I proposed to my girlfriend at her garden gate but not on one knee. It was also at night and dark.

Zoe also makes me cringe as she seems to address a lot of people as “my darling”. Please Radio 2 release her from her contract and put on a sensible programme hosted by perhaps someone like Tony Blackburn who I am sure is capable of playing modern music as well as older tunes.

When listening to his Sounds of the Sixties programme he plays almost continuous music without the need for silly conversations with guests. It would then be a proper breakfast show. I do however praise one of Zoe’s recent shows when she played I Just Can’t Help Believing by Elvis Presley.

Mike Taylor, Darlington