DOUG PORTHOUSE’S greatly kind letter about my autobiography (HAS, Jun 23) touched upon the work of some true unsung heroes. Amid lockdown, the Royal Mail has been magnificent.

Getting on 600 copies of Unconsidered Trifles have been despatched since the book launched three weeks ago. To date there’s been acknowledgment of safe arrival from Norway to Kansas, Thailand to Australia and now from Doug in Ferryhill. None has reported non-delivery.

I need particularly thank the smiling staff at sundry village sub-post offices, but particularly those at Barton who daily have been deluged with dozens of tightly wrapped parcels.

May I also beg the opportunity to thank my wife, herself a postmaster’s daughter, whose duties as chief clerk (unpaid) have been performed in exemplary fashion.

A great deal remains for the Royal Mail to do, however, before the book as much as breaks even. Post haste, others can get details from me at

Mike Amos, Middleton Tyas, North Yorkshire.