I’M quite amazed that I have not missed pub life that much during lockdown.

Even though me and the missus have continued to work throughout the pandemic, I’ve not really missed going to the pub on a Friday when our shifts have finished during the last 12 weeks, but I have missed seeing my friends.

One of my friends, the Real Ale and draught Cider enthusiast, has been able to get over his lockdown blues by having drinks at his mate’s allotment recently, and they have managed to create their own pub-like atmosphere at the gardening shack while complying with the Government’s safety guidelines.

I actually applauded him when he told me about this as I thought that it was a very clever way to socialise, and I have suggested that him and his mate should take along the fruits from the allotment to St. Cuthbert’s Church and deliver their crop to the altar at the next Harvest Festival.

We have all had to adapt to changes in recent months but the question is, will my mate ever return to his usual table at the Tanners Hall, or has his mind been seduced by the allotment shed drinking community? Only time will tell, but well played that man.

Christopher Wardell, Darlington.