I WAS heartened to see our problems highlighted in The Northern Echo “Litter and driving plea made to forest visitors” (Echo, June 22).

We share our access with a footpath into Hamsterley Forest and a small parking area which belongs to Durham County Council (DCC).

In normal times a minority of visitors to the forest cause us some persistent problems, but the last few weeks have been nothing short of miserable.

I will not repeat the list of poor behaviours highlighted in your article – we have witnessed all of them, but would like to draw attention to a particular concern of mine.

As the sole informal carer for an elderly relative who lives alone, I am likely to be called from home at any time.

The access to my home has been wilfully obstructed for hours at a time every day for weeks.

This is despite polite notices not to obstruct.

During the recent road closure our access was allowed a “Police No Parking” cone. This was regularly moved by visitors so that they could park, and the police cannot patrol frequently enough to catch the offender.

I do appreciate the sympathetic responses we have had from Hamsterley Forest staff and our local police team, but sympathy it seems is the extent of their ability to help.

Our requests to DCC to address parking at Bedburn pre-date coronavirus, but they will not accept that there is an issue.

Thank you for your article, perhaps a few more of the visitors who obviously visit to enjoy our lovely area of the county will now develop some social responsibility.

Name supplied, Bedburn.