IT’S strange how university students around the world – with limited life experience – always consider they know best.

Do they know African chiefs sold slaves to ‘white man’?

They leave uni for a money-stuffing position in the city and immediately turn true blue and never go on any other protest in their lives!

However, this must not be classed as hypocritical – certainly not – it is simply part of life’s learning curve.

Once violence starts in a peaceful protest, police should immediately disperse the crowd with tear gas. We cannot have anarchy on UK streets, irrespective of a government’s political colour.

The photos I’ve seen would indicate complete disregard for two metre social distancing.

Is a global rainbow society utopia even possible? The German leader, Angela Merkel, questioned this recently. One also wonders what Nelson Mandela would think of present South Africa.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees