I HAVE just watched four Premier League football teams – Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Manchester City and Arsenal – play their first games since lockdown and I’m ashamed at what I’ve seen.

On the front of all shirts was a small badge which you could only make out in close-up honouring our NHS for the incredible bravery its staff have shown trying to save lives and putting theirs and their families at risk, more so for the black carers who had greater risk. There were no applause.

In contrast, there were large letters across the back of every shirt that Black Lives Matter and a 6ft six serial criminal was given the honour of display of kneeling seen all round the world. He had spent years in jail for several different offences, one of which was forcing his way into a pregnant woman’s home, putting a gun to her belly holding her hostage while five other members of his gang ransacked the house.

Surely this is totally wrong

The FA and football clubs should get their priorities right.

This is disgraceful and shameful.

Joe Mulroy, High Coniscliffe.