I’M a regular reader of Hear all Sides and the by and large excellent letters on all subjects, but I now have a habit of seeing who the author is before reading the letter.

When I see it is by one of the usual suspects, I know what that subject will be and am nearly 100 per cent right.

These persons are on both sides of the political divide. Divide is a good word because often they are so blinkered that they will only see one side of the argument and often won’t give any concession to the other.

At one time I was an ardent Labour supporter and was proud to become a trade union member when I worked in a factory. I had been so indoctrinated that I still supported them when a shop steward would call a strike at a drop of the hat.

I finally got disenchanted towards the end of the 1970s when the unions nearly bought the country down. I became a Conservative supporter but began to be disenchanted with them as they became as liberal as the Liberals and I became a Brexit supporter.

I returned to the Conservatives when they had probably their worst Prime Minister, Theresa May, and if she had been leader at the last election and there had been a moderate Labour leader I would have returned to Labour.

Now we have another Conservative Government and I have to admit they seem to be making a total hash of the coronavirus crisis.

I would like to see leadership where at the moment they seem to be falling back to blame scientific advisors.

Now we have the Dominic Cummings story. I am not a fan of his, but all the critics seem to have a political agenda or a personal issue. If he has broken the lockdown, let the police issue a fine and let us get on with our lives.

Please let us have reasoned, unblinkered, unbiased letters.

Tom Ball, Barnard Castle