I WAS very concerned and angered to see on my Darlington MP’s Peter Gibson’s Facebook page that “When it was suspected that I had Covid I was advised to travel home and isolate in my home, undertaking a 250 mile journey from London” (Echo, Mar 28).

There are a number of questions that I would like to see answered about this. It would have been much safer for the good people of Thirsk, and those he would have come across on his journey, if he had stayed in London, surely? What made him think it was safe to travel with a potentially serious illness?

I really can’t believe that he thought this was a reasonable course of action when people all over the country have stayed put in really heart-breaking and truly difficult situations.

My own family stayed away when my daughter was very ill indeed and had two small children in the house, to keep me and others safe.

Ali Wright, Darlington.