YOUR article about Durham County Council staff who have been redeployed since the lockdown (Echo, May 26) highlighted some of the better aspects where Durham County Council is doing things right thanks to the dedication of staff like Adam Rennie and his colleagues.

Services are not tangible they are delivered by people, for people.

As far as bin collections are concerned it has been excellent, business as usual. Paradoxically this service is not rubbish.

I have a number of friends who work for the council and I know how diligent and versatile they have been during these unprecedented times.

One such friend, who is a family man, has done a variety of jobs at all hours of the day including gritting at unsociable hours.

Okay they are being paid to do it, but in difficult times the service delivery to us is salient and seamless. Like so many others at this time they just get on with it.

For that, I say to Adam and his colleagues many thanks.

Clement O’Donovan, Frosterley.