THE situation regarding Dominic Cummings has been reported in the usual current style by the press and the news media. In fact a couple of days ago, The Northern Echo devoted its front page and a number of following pages on Cummings’ dastardly plot to infect the North of England with the virus, but in the spirit of fair play, I am not surprised to see an Echo report (May 27, Page 10) of at least a group of 50 people gathered in the Batts at Richmond and uttering no more than a whimper.

No sign of a police presence either. Were journalists stood on the law breakers doorsteps, the next day. I suggest not one.

A policeman residing in Scotland commutes down a greater distance to Durham from home every weekend, is he not a similar risk to the charges levelled at Cummings?

Whether you agree or disagree regards Cummings’ actions, I suggest the Government sort that out quickly as the sore will not heal in this present media frenzy.

Ask yourselves how many of the critics have strayed out of the lockdown rules – I wonder ?

The media is full of examples of people in the public eye who have blatantly ignored the lockdown to the letter. Surprise, surprise.

Steve Hodgson, Darlington.