AS well as giving great attention to the pandemic, I am pleased that the Government is continuing making progress towards leaving the EU.

The latter part of that statement will disappoint Eric Gendle (HAS, May 20). He should remember that the UK did not ask for the pandemic but on three occasions voted to leave the EU.

The latest confirmation vote giving the Conservative Party a large majority in the 2019 General Election following a huge vote in favour in the June 2019 European election.

The UK would wish to continue to trade closely with the EU and when you look at the trading figures it would certainly be in the interest of the EU to do so.

Mr Gendle should also remember if those wishing to remain in the EU had not been so negative the matter would have been finalised by now. Their negativity has only given strength to the hand of the EU.

Watching the BBC news programmes it sounds as though they have already started the 2024 election campaign and I don’t think they are going to be supporting the Conservative Party.

As a result already, I think, they will be receiving my vote (if I am still around).

Mike Taylor, Darlington.