HAVING read John Gilmore’s letter regarding the Labour Party handling the virus better than the present government (HAS, May 15), I am struggling to understand how this could have been achieved.

First on the phone would have been Jeremy Corbyn’s brother telling him to “ignore it as it’s a conspiracy by the world order to DNA the population and is not real”, followed by John McDonnell screaming “I have waited 30 years to destroy this economy and start again!”

Waiting his turn would be party chairman Ian Lavery letting everyone know what a wonderful opportunity this is for the Labour Party. The Labour left-wing leader of Unite the Union would be organising the biggest party ever if the Conservative Party leader died of the virus and Diane Abbott will inform Mr Corbyn that she has the PPE secured by purchasing the world’s stockpile and all she needs is the address to send the cheque for £30,000 to!

Jump on the magic carpet, brothers. There is always room for the looney left.

David A Coglan, Newton Aycliffe.