JUST about every single day Piers Morgan challenges the Government politicians to come onto GMB on ITV. He drones on and on and on.

You know why they don’t come on to Good Morning Britain, Piers? It’s because they wouldn’t be able to get a word in because you love the sound of your own voice.

It should be called The Piers Morning Show.

I feel so sorry for co-presenters Susanna Reid and Andi Peters and the rest who have to put up with you on a daily basis. They have my deepest sympathy as they too can’t get a word in either way because Morgan has such a high and almighty opinion of himself and hijacks the interviews.

Piers, give Susanna Reid a chance to get a sentence in when doing an interview.

He makes Jeremy Clarkson look like French poodle in a kitchen sitting next to a huge puddle, and we all know what that puddle is.

GMB producers are pathetically weak with no control over him - it’s obvious who’s in charge and it’s not them.

Please, for once, I would like someone to give Piers Morgan a taste of his own medicine so he can fall off his high horse and fall hard onto his huge behind so he can’t sit down for a week.

Alistair Rutter, Bishop Auckland.