GARY MUNDELL states in his letter headed “politics debate” (HAS, May 9) that (wrongly) Labour introduced food banks.

Food banks were first set up in Europe in 1984 and finally came to Germany and the UK in 2004.

The Trussel Trust opened with just two in 2004, it has now 423 food banks, after austerity really took hold after the 2010 Tory election victory.

Mr Mundell then made the ridiculous statement that Labour left a note saying “there was no money left”. If he had done his homework he would have discovered that note was written by one man (Liam Byrne) who has regretted writing it ever since.

He is not the only one who left a note for a following government, in 1964 the outgoing Tory chancellor Reginald Maudling left a note for the incoming Labour leader James Callaghan “Good luck old cock...sorry to leave it in such a mess”.

Alan Dodgson, Barnard Castle.