IT is great to see in communities how people and businesses are “pulling together”. Unfortunately there is always a minority of small-minded individuals that are jealous and don’t like what they see happening.

A great deal of people use Facebook. I personally dislike this immensely, but some people use Facebook to advertise their businesses, while for others it is used for communicating with friends and family.

Where I live it is great to see when I walk in the shop the “community spirit” of people affected by this horrible virus. These people are possibly laid off work, maybe on the dreaded Universal Credit but still have managed to make a donation in one of the donation boxes that are on the counter. I noted another new one as presumably the others were full. All credit to the donors and the proprietor of the shop.

I am reliably informed that people that are helping people in “vulnerable categories” are allowed to do just that, help, this could mean going shopping, getting prescriptions from chemists and generally helping, even drivers’ hours are temporarily relaxed so that food can be put on the shelves of the shops.

So to the small minded individuals – help don’t hinder – this is a crisis, let’s all pull together and well done to the little shop with a big heart and the kind-hearted customers.

Peter C Clark, Sherburn Hill, Durham.