AFTER being in two of the big supermarkets it’s left me wondering why they can’t get the shelves re-stocked.

Then I noticed how the price of certain items have gone crazy.

Sainsbury’s egg prices are ridiculous. I would like to bet their regional distribution centres are choc-a-bloc with foodstuff.

These supermarkets are waiting to inflate their prices for more profit.

Call me cynical, I worked for a food producer for ten years.

I let my HGV licence go because I refused to pay £400 to go and do a course, to which there was no test at the end of the course to keep my HGV Class One licence, an EU requirement, I believe.

The licence was never theirs to take, I paid for that licence in 1979. After I had paid for the tuition lessons, the hire of the truck at Drivewell, Whessoe Road, Darlington and test fee I had forked out £600 – a tidy sum back then!

So if this country can’t get enough HGV drivers, it serves them right.

Gary Mundell, Coronation, Bishop Auckland.