SINCE the lockdown began I have been exercising once a day – as apparently is allowed.

This exercise consists of a walk with my dog from my home along the Lanchester railway path to and beyond the Malton picnic area in the direction of the nearby village of Langley Park.

Every day this week I have passed numerous fellow dog walkers, walkers without dogs, joggers, families with children, and countless cyclists.

All without exception have been socially responsible and kept their distance.

But all of us are lucky enough to be able to walk, jog or cycle from our homes.

At the Malton picnic area car park – a pleasant riverbank area – there are police signs warning that to drive there to go for a walk is not an “essential” journey and to drive there will risk a fine.

So if you are not fit enough – or your dog is not fit enough – to walk the mile or so to Malton from Lanchester – or the two and a half miles there from Langley Park, you could be fined.

This seems grossly unfair. Perhaps the police would like to clarify?

Neil McKay, Lanchester.