THE Government’s postponement of elections until May 2021, because of the coronavirus pandemic, could ease Labour candidates into the roles of Tees Valley Mayor, and Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner.

This May, with their recent overwhelming election victory behind them, and the Brexit trade negotiations hardly begun, the Tory candidates, Ben Houchen and Steve Turner, would have been a shoo-in at the polls.

But, the date-change means their Labour opponents, Jessie Joe Jacobs and Paul Williams will probably run out the eventual winners.

1. Labour will almost certainly have the middle-of-the-road Keir Starmer at the helm.

2. The Tories could well be taking the blame for perceived indecision in tackling the coronavirus crisis which, by then, will have resulted in thousands of deaths nationwide.

3. They could also be criticised for an unsatisfactory Brexit trade deal; or indeed, no deal at all.

4. We could well, by then, be in a recession because of the virus pandemic.

5. The promised ‘levelling-up’ of the north could well have faltered because of coronavirus, economic and Brexit distractions.

In party politics, no matter how hard you try, circumstances can always defeat you.

Cllr Steve Kay (Ind), Redcar & Cleveland council, Moorsholm