DARLINGTON keeps on building flats and more flats – I wonder why this council has never built an animal hospital where people can take their sick animals and have them treated. Our vets do not open at the weekend, they are closed in the evenings – our pets cannot say they need help. We need a 24-hour clinic that does not charge a fortune like the vets do.

My little dog fell downstairs and split her lip, loosening two front teeth, and I was told I could take her to Middlesbrough vets. How can you if you have no car and no one to take you?

I’m an OAP, I just haven’t got the money, vets charge far too much. Just for one little tablet it cost £50 yet prescriptions cost £9.

For us humans we keep getting told to look after our pets but how can we when these vets charge so much? It’s just not fair, something needs doing about it if they want people to look after their animals.

I love my little dog to bits, but I just can’t afford vet fees – old age pensioners should get it half price, after all they are our love lifeline, our family when we are lonely.

So come on vets, be fair and come on Darlington Council and let’s have a 24 hour pets clinic – we need one.

Miss P Kay, Darlington