AFTER the last two horrendous Ofsted reports on Middlesbrough Council’s Children’s Services department, we were all assured things would change for the better.

The head of that department stepped down (as they do at such times) and was replaced.

The mayor appointed his deputy, Councillor Antony High to be the Children’s Services Tsar and turn the situation round.

More recently I was asked by a resident for help in tracing his son who had been put up for adoption.

Mum had died, Dad was getting on and was keen to try and find his son in order to be reassured he was happy etc.

I submitted this request through the normal channel but did not received a response.

I sent it again and this time included both the mayor and chief executive of the council into the request – again no response. Dad contacted me again asking for news but sadly there was none.

As a last resort, Dad himself contacted both the mayor, the chief executive of the council and Andy McDonald our MP.

The only response Dad received was from the MP’s office. Shame on those who ignored this request and thanks to those who did. I hope it has a happy outcome for all concerned.

Councillor Joan McTigue, Middlesbrough